2010 Vacation   
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Janet and I treated ourselves to nearly two weeks of time together in October 2010.  We visited our twin sons, James in Texas and Joel in Arizona.  It was wonderful spending time with them, our daughters-in-law and six grandsons.  We took Diesel, our dog, and gave Motel 6 a lot of business.  Diesel also learned to look forward to mornings, because before we'd hit the road it was McDonalds.  Diesel and I had sausage, egg Mcmuffin, while Janet usually opted for something else.  While at James' and Karen's, we attended a football game.  Grandson Jason plays trumpet in the band.  The Aledo Bearcats won the game by a big score and, little did we know, we were watching the Texas State Championship team in action.  We also shared grandson Michael's knife collection.  Then it was to Arizona.  There is a lot of flat country between Texas and Arizona, and we enjoyed the scenery.  Diesel enjoyed the Dairy Queen.  While at Joel's and Dianna's, we went to jail.  Joel is a corrections officer and showed us the insides of the "office."  It was quite an experience, and gave us a new appreciation for the law enforcement efforts in the Phoenix area.  We also enjoyed watching grandson Cory play two baseball games on one evening.  That's right.  Baseball.  It's year-round there.  We came back a different direction, and visited the Grand Canyon.  Janet peered over the canyon rim; I don't like high places, so I stayed on the walking path.   We are glad you are here to share our experiences and hope you enjoy the pictures -- many personal ones, others of breathtaking scenery.

  At James' and Karen's in Texas click on pictures to make them larger    
  Grandson Michael, Karen & James Grandson Jason, his girlfriend and Janet Overlooked our Table at restaurant James and Karen  
  Guess Who? Texas Friday Night Lights Jason there somewhere Jason, Girlfriend  
  Jason, Mom review  pictures James working on helicopter Sydney let Diesel know it was her territory On the road to Arizona  
  At Joel's and Dianna's in Arizona          
  Janet, Grandson Cory at restaurant Dianna, Joel at Abuelas Waitress with MY dessert -- Flan, a Mexican custard Precious in the backyard  
  Joel, yours truly doing some "big" business Officer Joel The man really likes his bike That's my boy!  
  Dianna, Joel, Janet Joel, Dianna Diesel, Joel, Don, Janet Neighbor's house with huge cactus  
  Between Here and There -- Some of the fantastic things we saw      
  Janet at one of the beautiful rest stops Rocks behind the rest area Don and Diesel -- those stickers weren't fun Diesel at Motel 6   
  One of many beautiful sunsets Diesel enjoys Dairy Queen Bill Clinton's boyhood home in Hope, Ar. We enjoyed the variety of vegetation  
  Some things we didn't want to see Janet, Diesel Somewhere  between Phoenix, Flag Staff One of Janet's pictures of Grand Canyon  
  In The "Petrified Forrest" Petrified wood At a marker as we begin "Petrified Forrest" tour Cluster of Petrified trees  
  Driving in "Painted Desert" "Painted Desert" on edge of Petrified Forrest "Painted Desert" Something different every mile  
  Wondrous beauty from dry earth Beautiful color everywhere Taken from moving car Janet snaps picture of huge cross  from car  

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