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  You read and hear a lot about Scioto County.  Much of it is negative, but that is not the whole story.  This is a beautiful place to live, to work and to play.  This section of Meadows' Larks seeks to highlight many of these positive things.  Please visit us often, and if you have a picture to offer e-mail it to dcmead@frontier.com. Click on the above link and see our beginning efforts.  
        Scioto Furnace   The Town  
        It's a tiny place with a big heart.  Just off Ohio 140, about eight miles east of U.S. 52, it once had a few hundred people.  A charcoal furnace gave it its name, and brought in its people.  Once it had an elementary school, now converted to an apartment building.  There are two churches -- Bloom Freewill Baptist and Scioto Furnace IPPC.  Once there was a United Methodist Church, until someone dared a young man to set fire to it.  He did, and an important part of this town's life was gone.  We show the church's final days and its eternal hope.  Please visit.  
        Jeep Country  


        Well, we have started our adventure into "Jeep Country" and we hope you will come along with us.  It's a start, remember, and we'll be adding more.  You can help by sending digital pictures to dcmead@frontier.com.  This page will grow as Jeep fans get the spirit.  Go Jeeps!  

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