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  Merry Christmas 2010       click on pictures to make them larger  
  Ryan Fenton, Sherrie Bobst, Andy Fenton and  Ellie Johnson in front.  Christmas Day and nothing is as quiet as a mouse. Griffin Allard dressed in holiday style.  Also shown Kimber Johnson and Michael Bobst.  Nothing better than one's very first Christmas. Shane & Kristie Johnson pass out the surprises Ellie Johnson, Andy Fenton and Harveena Fenton. Sometimes it gets confusing.     
  Harveena Fenton & Michael Bobst;  Harveena picking names as Michael explains how it should be done. Ryan Fenton, Sherrie Bobst, Andy Fenton and Ellie Johnson;  Ryan wants someone to trade him. Maeci (front) and Ellie Johnson are right in the thick of things. What is it, John? Bet it is something to work with or to spend!     
  Watching and waiting are (from left) Kristie Johnson, Lisa Fenton, Bobbie Jo Graff, Martha and Charles Bobst. Actually, this is not all the gang.  They were in other rooms, upstairs and behind the camera.  I mean, it's Fentonville. Harveena -- Oh, and it's just what I always wanted! Jill Milliken, Chuck Bobst and Greg Shirey.  Chuck is trying to figure out, "What is it, anyway?"  
   More Pictures of the John Fenton Family           
  John Fenton, with brother-in-law Don Meadows (harmonica) and Rick Hart from Lancaster get together for some pickin' and grinnin'                                                                                                                                                                          
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