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Natalie Newsom

Natalie all smiles

Mam Nitie's girl

Great Grandma Linda

  Taryn Scott Kaylea Hightower and Wyatt Farrell Kaylea and Grandpa Virgil Nitie and Natalie  
  Pap Chuck Newsom and Natalie Natalie (left) and Kaylea Family Gathering Hayden Scott (right) Wyatt Farrell  
  Grandapa playing spoiler Mommy Megan & Natalie Well, Hello, Dolly Sisters Helen, Louise, Janet, Joanne  
  Five sisters at Gattis Grandma Linda & Taryn Sister Louise Knight Uncle Travis Hightower & Kaylea  
  Snowball Linda & Kaylea Can you touch your toes? A Purrrfect Picture  
  Mam & Natalie The Beauty of Mother Nature Wyatt & Hayden Just Enjoy, Flowers in pot on porch  
  Sky view near Slocum Mamma takes care of babies   An armful of love  
  Oreo Now, a girl has to stay in touch, doesn't she? Hayden & Grandma Quite a storm at Slocum  
  Hayden & Wyatt in Smokies Scenic view in Smokies Another Smokies Wonder Wyatt & Hayden in Tennessee  
  Val, Wyatt, Hayden & Linda Come on, 'Minnesota Fats' we've got your number! Wow! Natalie amazed Purple Path of Beauty  
  Hey, Oreo, you're supposed to lift the lid. Zach Hightower with daughter Kaylea Kaylea and brothers Sweet Dreams, Kaylea  
  It's a Cat's Life Sunset, by Linda Future Olympian in tumbling? Calendar Girl?  
  South Webster Sunset Oreo & The Great Pumpkin   Wyatt (Deerslayer) Farrell -- that's Hayden Scott in back.  
  Mam Nitie and Natalie Taryn & Tanya with Taryn's boyfriend and Hayden behind   Val & Steve Farrell  
  Well, ain't she cute? There those two girls are, again Nitie Newsom Hail, hail, the gang's all here  
  Tanya, Hayden Scott Snowball at Christmas Snowball found a friend for the Christmas season Sister Louise Knight hoping to hook the 'Big One'  
  Ah, and just think we're getting closer Classmates at 50th High School Reunion at South Webster Linda, Friend in High School Wow!  That really was good 'til the last drip!  
  Beautiful South Webster Sunset Just gets no prettier than this. Hayden & Wyatt Happy ?th, Birthday, Linda. Jannie, Tanya, Linda, Hayden  
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