A Prayer on Mom’s Birthday



So many scenes race through my mind and feelings quicken my heartbeat, O God.  These shall be anchored forever in my treasure chest of memory.   Today I rejoice with You in realizing it’s my mother’s earthly birthday.  On Feb. 22. 1922 you breathed life into a baby girl, and her family named her Marjorie Martha Moody.  She would be joined by You in one flesh to James Orda Meadows, Jr., and only You knew what was to become for five not-yet-realized lives.

You called her Home, Dear Lord, May 21, 1996, at 1:40 a.m., but she remains alive with us and, now, in your presence with daddy and Kermit.  Thank You!


Thank You for giving to me a never-ending knowledge of love through her.  She was ever good, although at times not all good.  She understood her need for a savior and asked Jesus into her heart.  Thank You, O Holy Spirit.


Her children never knew a day that they did not know they were loved.  Her belief in You was never in question.  Her loyalty to her family was never in doubt, because of Your presence in her.  Thank You.


She cried a lot.  Life was not always the happy experience she deserved.  Yet, she never stopped loving her “Nut” and her sons and daughter – Kermit, me, Sue, Ron and Jerry.


She laughed a lot, too.  Sometimes it was during in-house, in-darkness sock battles, or during a game of Spades or Alaska Shoot-Out.  There were only two things I recall that brought more enjoyment: Feeding you food you really didn’t need and Christmas.


Christmas wasn’t a season to her.  It was a reason to think, plan, buy and dream what she would give her children.  Oh, how she loved to buy toys for her grown children, silly little things she knew they’d get a kick from, and, sometimes, stuff we really needed.  She knew.  She knew!


Oh, how I could go on and on, enjoying my life journey with her.  But, I stop here, Lord, just to say, “Thank You, for breathing Your breath of life into Marjorie Martha Moody Meadows on Feb. 22, 1922.  As You know, omniscient God, she lived before me and my sister and brothers a testimony of unquestioned, forever love. 


Thank You for holding her in Your everlasting arms, in the company of daddy and Kermit and all of our family who accepted, have accepted and will accept Christ’s gift of everlasting life.  We wait with joy the thought echoed in that hymn that says: “Glad day, oh glorious day.  That’ll be a glad reunion day.”




Thank You, Lord.


Don Meadows



NOTE:  Picture of mom and dad taken probably in August – December 1942. My Aunt Shirley (Meadows) Ellison gave me the photo and said mom is holding the blackberry bucket to hide the fact she’s pregnant with me.  I was born June 21, 1943.  The photo was taken in Odd, WV. Cropped from the picture is my Great Aunt Lillie Cooper, sister of Grandma Marie (Cooper) Meadows. I call this picture “‘Two Nuts’ and Berries.”  Mom’s and dad’s pet names for each other was “Nut Honey.”

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