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It's just a dot on many maps.  When you tell people where it's located, you say "about three miles west of South Webster on Route 140."  Or you say, "Scioto Furnace?  It's eight miles east of U.S. 52 out 140.  It's close to Wheelersburg."  Sometimes when something newsworthy happens there the media will say it happened in South Webster or Wheelersburg.  That raises the dander of the residents of Scioto Furnace, because they're proud of where they live.  They're proud of what Scioto Furnace means to them.  It used to have its own elementary school, which is closed now and used as apartments.  It has a Pentecostal church, and close by is Bloom Freewill Baptist Church.  There once was a United Methodist Church, but an arsonist took that away.  It used to be home of a charcoal furnace, hence the name.  But that was a long time ago.  Most of the people who lived there are gone, too.  Most of them have died, some have moved away.  There is some sub-par housing there, with low-income residents.  That brings some problems.  A United States Post Office remains open, something for which the residents are grateful.  It's also something they fear they will lose.  It is both a unique place, and a very ordinary place in Ohio.  To me it's home.  I married into it, but have come to appreciate it because of the people and their history and their sense of right and wrong.  Thank you for visiting with me.  If you have pictures or comments you wish to share, contact me by e-mail at 


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Scioto Furnace UM Church


It stood for years, taken for granted.  Thousands of people attended over the years.  Hundreds were saved.  Many funerals were preached, babies baptized and marriages performed.  Then one night in August of 2006 tragedy struck.  An arsonist, on a dare, set fire to the little, white place of worship and it was gone. Although the church was beginning to grow again, the Portsmouth District Committee on Buildings said it was economically not feasible to rebuilt.  This page is a tribute to that sacred place, with the invitation to anyone who has old pictures of Scioto Furnace United Methodist Church to share them here.  Let this be a growing reminder of what will remain forever in our hearts. The music you hear is by the Spirit Sprouts, active at the time of the fire. The music was a rehearsal, recorded by the pastor, Don Meadows. Thank you, God, for that wonderful church.  Please click on the pictures to make them larger.

  Last congregation Last youth group Last Christmas Spirit Sprouts The Song "Father Abraham" was recorded as the Spirit Sprouts were practicing on a Wednesday night.  

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